Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Fork XC report...

The weather had changed for the better overnight. It was ideal XC conditions. Mid 60's and overcast. First to go in the am was Beau. He actually had show jumping today, his XC is tomorrow. He jumped very well having a clean round on a course that caused a bunch of problems for a lot of horses.

Simon was first up on XC in the intermediate. He's still quite green, so I wasn't sure how he'd handle all that was asked of him. He was more than up to the task. He jumped around very well and was only 2 seconds slow. This moved him all the way up to 6th!

Tom was up next. He started out very very well making easy work of the early combinations. I did just about get away with murder at the second water. He is a spooky horse, and still quite green. Certainly didn't expect him to look as hard as he did going in to the pond. We had to jump a turtle about a stride into a water. He didn't want to get his feet wet, drifted hard left and we were then forced to jump it from what I figured was a nearly unjumpable angle. We managed to jump the turtles head and took the flag down. All was good and he finished up the rest of the course very well. We were just a few seconds slow and moved up to 2nd!

RO was last out. He was excellent throughout the course. We had one sticky jump into the water, but no harm no foul. He's a work in progress, but a very rewarding one at that. I did have the camera on again today so we should have a video up sometime Monday.

SJ tomorrow for all but Beau who will be out on XC.


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