Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A New Endeavor for Crown Talisman and I

Tali at Chantilly about to head to Saumur CCI*** 2014

This is a post I never, in a million, years envisioned writing; however, here I am typing away.

A few weeks back Jess and I met with a good friend and supporter to get some advice about a lot of raw land available for sale just behind the farm which we currently rent. Without much in the way of financial resources the inexpensive acreage looked appealing on the surface. That evening, after checking out the land, we started looking into comparable property in the area to better evaluate our options and the prospects of development. While Jess and I had searched online before, we were shocked to find what appears to be perfect farm. The question then becomes how in the world could we afford it!

Two days later I received a call from Liz Millikin on behalf of Joanne Bridgman (both Agents) asking whether I'd ever consider parting with Tali. My initial thought, was not a chance. After discussing with Jess, Larry and Amelia and sleeping on it, I decided if it meant we could buy the farm I'd have to consider it. A week or so later Nick Gauntlett arrived at our place in Raleigh.

I'm as attached to him as much as I've ever been to a horse. He has been with me now for 6 years from his very first event to Saumur this spring. The thought of selling him has literally woke me up multiple times during the past few weeks. However, after speaking to a number of people I respect both in and out of the horse world, I'm confident this is the right decision. Certainly doesn't make it an easy one!

I'm comforted by the fact that after getting to know Nick, his riding style and care of his horses I know Tali will have a great future. I will always be his biggest fan and hope nothing but the best for the two of them. I'll be rooting for them at Rio! I would also like to again thank Larry and Amelia Ross for their continued support, I certainly wouldn't be here without them.


**Updated 6:45 PM**

Larry and Amelia wanted me to include the following and I was more than happy to oblige. I want to reiterate that I can't thank them enough for their advice and support throughout the years.

“Our support of Doug and the team’s quest for Olympic gold is long term. If this helps Doug finance a permanent base, so he can concentrate on building a string of Olympic contenders, he made a very wise decision. Further, this is the second Olympic contender Doug trained. We are confident that owning his facility, rather than renting where conditions may change,  will enhance his ability to assemble and train enough top horses to take the worry out of relying on just one mount.”

Tali at the Fork CIC*** - Photo by Samantha Clark via Eventing Nation