Friday, September 25, 2015

September Update - Wins at Bruce's Field & Plantation Field CIC**

Quinn on XC in the Plantation Field CIC** - Photo by Rough Coat Photography

We've been on the road not stop it seems over the past few months with some great performances for both the jumpers and eventers. At the moment we're split just about 50/50 between the two. It's a great mix that, along with the new Tryon facility along with Bruce's Field opening up in Aiken has allowed us to alternate between the two disciplines.

Bruce's Field - Aiken, SC - The Evening Following Eli's $25,000 Grand Prix

We were lucky enough to show at Bruce's Field inaugural show in Aiken just a few weeks back. The highlight of the week was Portugal's (aka Confire La Pomme) move up to the 1.30m classes. Impressively he also managed to win in his very first class!

Following Bruce's Field we head north to Unionville, Pa for the Plantation Field CIC** with both Big Leo (Lysander owned by Kristin Michaloski in partnership with Doug) and Quinn (Vandiver owned by Debi Crowley in partnership with Doug). Quinn was slated to run in the CIC*** but I found out just before heading north that we still needed at CIC** prior to our CIC*** debut despite our 5th place finish in the Five Points Advanced Horse Trials (Raeford, NC).

Both horses were excellent but Leo stepped up to the big stage with a massive statement on dressage day with a 31.7! He was well ahead of the 70 horse field and never gave up the lead finishing with his first CIC** win!

Leo on XC at the Plantation Field CIC** - Photo by Jenni Autry/Eventing Nation

Leo on SJ winning the Plantation Field CIC** - Photo by Jenni Autry/Eventing Nation
Quinn was also quite good, he wrapped up the weekend in 9th place. On to Morven Park (Leesburg, Va) and the CIC*** this coming weekend along with 8 others from DPE. The jumpers are laying low for the next couple of weeks. They will be back in action the week following Morven.

Updates to follow...


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Horse Profile: Quantum Leap

I'm excited to introduce a periodic blog in order to profile our horses which we are lucky enough to work with day to day. Each have a unique personality and talents which deserve to be better known by all.

The first of which is Quantum Leap who is known around the barn as Q or Quantum. He is 4 years old and stands 17.1hh at the moment. USEA Record

He's a true old soul. Even from day one he has always seemed to just 'get it'. I bought him from Didi Callahan at CNG sport horses, direct link here, as a yearling.

Baby Pic of Q

Just before our purchase from Didi (~1 yr old)
He grew up with us, turned out with Big Leo as his little brother. Periodically we ponied him along with some of the more experienced horses when heading out on the trails. Funny enough he was often braver than the horse were ponying him off of!

Last November we started him for real. He was probably the easiest horse I've ever started. He has been incredible, in that ultimately you show him once he ready to move forward.

End of week 1...out on our own!
Below are a number of videos of Quantum throughout the year. His progress has been remarkable.

Jan 12th, jumping at home.

Jan 24th, Q's first XC schooling at Paradise Farm in Aiken

Q's 2nd show - Feb 8th

Roughly two months ago we were joined by long time supporters Susan and Dave Drillock in partnership with the goal of developing Quantum to the best of his ability. Without their support we would not have been able to keep him long term. I'm incredibly fortunate and grateful for the opportunity given to me by Susan and Dave.

SJ at Q's 2nd Event at Novice
At the moment, Quantum just finished up his 5th Novice finishing on his dressage score of 21 in 3rd place at the Millbrook Horse Trials.

In the coming month's we're planning to try to get qualified for the USEA Young Event Horse finals to be held in at the Fair Hill International in October. Check back for updates as they come in!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Introducing DPE's Latest Equine Team Member: Vandiver

It's difficult to express how excited I am to be able to announce that Vandiver owned by Debi Crowley of Elkmont, AL (Cotton Meadows Farm) will remain with DPE for the indefinite future.

Vandiver aka 'Quinn' is a 2004, 17h, Trakehner gelding by Windfall, bronze medal winner on the US eventing team at the 2004 Olympics (New Spring Farm). Quinn was bred, raised, and started under saddle at CMF. Combined with the eventing bloodlines in his dam's (Visions of Grandeur, ATA, also bred by CMF) pedigree. Following his foundation at CMF his training continued and progress successfully through CCI*** level and made an appearance at Rolex Kentucky this spring with Werner Geven.

Quinn is just about the most genuine, hard working and forgiving horse I've had the pleasure of working with. Below is a video taken at the Tryon International Equestrian Center a few weeks ago at our first class together.

We are planning for Millbrook as our first event with the ultimate goal to head to the Fair Hill International CCI*** this fall.

Updates on the farm and other horses coming soon.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill Clinic Dates

I'll be stopping in the area the Monday and Tuesday following the Jersey Fresh CIC May 10th and 11th. If you'd like to schedule a lesson please either email ( or call 908.399.9112.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Quantum will remain with DPE & Eli's 5th Place $25k Aiken Grand Prix

I'm beyond exited to announce that long time friends and unbelievable supporters Susan and Dave Drillock have just purchased half of our next generation superstar Quantum Leap ensuring he'll remain with us indefinitely. Quantum has been with us for 3 years at this point and is a member of the family. He was bred by Didi Callahan of Maryland and purchased as a yearling just after the Fair Hill International CCI.

Quantum - Day 4 under saddle last fall

I've started countless horses in the past, but Quantum is by far the most easy going, agreeable baby I've had the pleasure of working with. Aside from his personality, he has the talent needed to develop into our next superstar. He is out of a full thoroughbred, Report to Sloopy mare, related to John William's Sloopy and by Quite Capitol a Holsteiner stallion. He is 78% thoroughbred and an excellent jumper and mover.

Quantum at his First Novice at Sporting Days
I'm convinced that in order to develop world class competitors without bankrupting us in the process, horses have to be identified as early as possible, started correctly and not rushed. Quantum was started last fall, at this point he's evented 3 times, one Beginner Novice and two Novice. He's yet to have a jumping penalty and finished up his last novice in 3rd place! He will have a quiet spring in hopes of ramping up for the USEA 4 year old Young Event Horse Championships this fall. Check back for updates both here and on Facebook ( for photos and progress reports!

In other news, Eli owned by Mike Rubin had a great showing this past weekend in Aiken. He wrapped up the week finishing an excellent double clear to finish 5th in tough conditions in the $25,000 Deitrick Grand Prix. I couldn't be prouder of him, this was his second grand prix of the year and second top 8 finish! I'm still working to refine how I ride him on course, and how best to prepare him in warm up in order to maximize his potential. This was an important stepping stone, he is one incredible horse. I'm very lucky to have the opportunity to work with him. Certainly couldn't ask for more!

We had a number of other horses both at the horse show from Wednesday through Sunday at Highfields as well as a schooling event at Sporting Days on Saturday. This coming week is no less chaotic, we're in town Monday and Tuesday, heading over to the show Wednesday and then off to Kentucky for Rolex! For those lucky enough to attend, please make sure to stop by the Eventing Nation tent on Saturday around noon for book signing and rider trivia with Jessica!

Further reports coming soon!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Plans in Aiken and Teaching in NC

Although we had initially planned to return to the New Hill farm, all of the recent rain has made conditions difficult. At the same time we've been offered a great opportunity here in Aiken by Evie and Phillip Dutton. As of April 1st we will be based at their beautiful farm here in Aiken, we plan to remain until we can move into our new farm in Rougemont, NC which is being built as we speak.

Until we finally make the move, we’re going to try to get up to NC as often as possible in order to teach and check on the building process. Jess and I will be up in NC on Monday and Tuesday the 6th and 7th of April. I know many of you might not be able to schedule during the day, but if possible and interested please let me know. I’m just trying to accommodate as many people as possible.

If interested please shoot a quick email to or text to 908.399.9112

Saturday, March 7, 2015

USEA Judges Continuing Ed

I couldn't quite take the week completely off from competing, but close to it. We took Rex (Marilyn Payne) and Merlin (Elizabeth Callahan) over to Highfields on Thursday for their first show in the .85 m class. While both green they managed to both finish up with ribbons! 

Photo by Nancy Knight - USEA

I was able to get a bunch of the other horses ridden before heading down to Red Hills for the USEA's continuing education seminar. Thankfully I have Jess, Michelle and the girls to keep things running smoothly at home!

All USEF judges are required to attend seminars like this every 3 years. We were lucky enough to spend all day yesterday with Janet Foy, one of this countries premiere dressage judges. I can't stress enough how helpful these programs are both in recalibrating scoring as well as gaining a more in depth understanding of the biomechanics, training and showing of horses. If you get a chance, even if you have no desire to judge, audit one of the judging programs. I guarantee your horses will be going better and your scores will improve dramatically. 

Tomorrow we spend the first half of the day in the classroom and the second evaluating the cross country courses over at the venue. 


Monday, March 2, 2015

Making the most of opportunities in Aiken

Aiken is one of, if not the best locations in the country to develop and instill confidence in horses. This weekend was a prime example of the versatility it offers. We took the jumpers to Highfields for the March Madness jumper show on Thursday and Friday. Then the eventers were off to Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials on Saturday and Sunday morning wrapping up just in time to head back for the final 1.30 meter mini prix at Highfields. 

Nate in Dressage at Sporting Days

Our horses were excellent throughout the weekend. All of which would never have been possible without the exceptional help of help of Jess, Michelle, Alex, Tess & Nicole as well as the master of event scheduling Mary Caldren at Sporting Days. The results speak for themselves!

Jumpers at PSJ:
Jimmy Choo ( Madeline Reich) and Confire la Pomme (Barbara Calabro) won classes at 1.10m & 1.15m Thursday and Friday. 
Eli (Mike Rubin - Breezy Hill South) finished 7th in Friday's $5k 1.25m Welcome Stake & 3rd in Sunday's $5k 1.30m Mini-Prix

Eli's 3rd place finish in the 1.30m mini prix 

Eventers at Sporting Days:
Novice: 2nd Quantum Leap (Doug), 3rd Winter Carnival ( Emily van Gemeren), 2nd Call Me Waylon (Ann Wilson) and 7th Marshal M Dillon (Wendy & Fred Luce, Doug)
Training: 1st Absaluut Annabelle (Jane Dudinsky), 3rd Zephyr, 4th Reddina Cooley (Lucia Strini) and 2nd Patrick (Kathleen Sullivan)
Preliminary: 7th Lysander (Kristin Michaloski, Doug)

Zephyr show jumping at Sporting Days - He is also offered for Sale below!

Annie's Dressage Test on the way to her first win of the year!

Farm Progress and a Location Change:

Last week we took a quick trip up to the new farm to stake out all of the buildings and arenas. It turned out to be an unusually snowy trip, but well worth it in the end. Although you think you've got it all mapped out perfect on paper, we quickly realized that some of the building locations had to be tweaked to better suit the land. We were also very lucky to be joined by our excavators and arena contractors Shane Doyle and Clint Bertalan this trip and the last. Both have brought to the table tremendous incite and I'm certain our final layout will be far more efficient, useful and frankly beautiful as a result. 

As for the location change, on our return trip we began thinking about our schedule going forward. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to rent an incredibly facility in Aiken, details soon to follow, for the foreseeable future. It would offer ideal conditions, weather as well as riding surfaces and training opportunities for our horses. With them in mind, we've decided to remain here in Aiken until we are able to move the horses into the new farm in Rougemont, NC. Hopefully our permanent return to NC will be this summer. 

Although up in the air at the moment, we are planning to spend a few days every other week in NC to teach as well as keep tabs on the building process. Details to come soon, but if you are interested please shoot me a quick email at

Working Student Position Vacancy:
Being that we now plan to remain in Aiken we have one vacancy for a working student to join our team. Bring your horse along, housing included and take advantage of the vast opportunities Aiken has to offer! Must be 18 yrs or older. If you're interested please email Jess your resume and a short video of your riding if possible to

Horses For Sale:
We've just updated out sales page here...we have a bunch of great horses for sale, both eventers as well as jumpers. There are a few more to be posted soon, so if you don't see something that might peak your interest please don't hesitate to contact us directly. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Results from a busy Aiken Weekend - March Madness & Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials

Friday, February 20, 2015

Aiken is in Full Swing

We are in full competitive swing down here in Aiken, hence the seldom updated blog. Although we should garner much sympathy from most this winter this past week has been downright freezing!

Our horses have had a great start this spring. We've been to two jumper shows at Highfields here in Aiken as well as our first event of the season at Paradise Farm. I've picked 3 of the most exciting performances so far...

The first is Eli (owned by Mike Rubin) who finished 2nd in the $5,000 Welcome Stakes and 6th in the $10,000 Mini Prix.

Second on the list was Marshall's (owned by Fred & Wendy Luce as well as Doug) first event at Paradise. He had a very good outing at the beginner novice.

Last but not least was Quantum's great performance at PSJ as well as his first event at Paradise in the beginner novice level. Unfortunately following a discussion with our accountant we are forced to sell Quantum. I hate to do so, but we are left without a choice at the moment. I'm completely convinced he will make an excellent partner for someone. If you might be interested, click here for details. 

We are heading back to PSJ with the jumpers for a schooling show this weekend. The eventers will be back in action next week at Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials in Aiken. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kicking 2015 Off in Chilly Style

I just returned home from the first clinic of 2015. I was graciously invited by the North Texas Eventing Association to teach for the long weekend at Kim Willnow's beautiful, Charismatic Moon Farm. I have to firstly thank Kim for her organization as well as hospitality. We had a tremendous group of people participating, and tough to say the least. All endured freezing temperatures with a great attitude.

Randy and Ashton Willnow were able to get a bunch of great pics, a few are below.

We had a great variety of horses and riders from intro through preliminary. We had scheduled flatwork sessions on Friday, poles and small combinations Saturday finishing up with some more complicated combinations and course work on Sunday. I was excited to see how each horse and rider combination progressed each day.

I've always found clinics a great opportunity to help both horses and riders better understand how to work with each other. This was certainly no exception, with many progressing beyond my own expectations! I'm very lucky to be in a position to help, and with each weekend I'm always impressed how much I learn from each of the combinations.

I'm looking forward to the next trip west. The clinic scheduled for the end of January held at Meadow Creek. Click for details!