Sunday, April 18, 2010

Final results of FHI CIC** and HT...

The horses were all great today. Running Order and Leroy had show jumping as the final phase of their CIC**. Leroy was first to go entering SJ in 9th place, we had an uncharacteristic rail, but lucky for us rails were not at all uncommon. Running Order was next to go...and as he's a spooky horse I wasn't all that surprised...but I did have a hell of a ride to the first fence. It was a fake wall and he was more than impressed by it...instantly it felt like XC...but on we went to jump a clean round. When it all finished up Leroy had moved up to 6th and Running Order stayed in 3rd. Not a bad result for either horse.

The training horses were next on XC. Both Frolic and Max were quite good, each jumped an uneventful clean round. Frolic won and Max finished up in 4th!

The last ride of the day was Tali. We were back to SJ...Tali jumped the best SJ round he's had to date, jumping clean getting his first prelim win! Very exciting, especially that Larry and Amelia just jumped on board a few weeks ago as joint owners of Tali. Couldn't ask for a better beginning.

I'm headed off to Rolex next weekend. My mother just got the call that she'll be judging due to the volcano limiting flights out of Europe stranding the original judges. The next competition we're headed to is MCTA in 2 weeks.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fair Hill CIC** and HT

Yesterday was dressage day...the results were quite good although I was disappointed in my riding of the ** horses. I was too conservative...and their scores reflected this. Despite it all Running Order was in 4th and Leroy in 16th. Tali was in the prelim...he was great, there were a few mistakes, but overall it was the most fun I'd had in a dressage test in a while. He finished with a 25 and was winning. I got his test back today, he had 3 9's and a 9 for gaits!! The training horses were good a 30 for Frolic and 31 for Max, 4th and 6th.

XC day today for Prelim and up...the ** guys were great. Both moved up, RO to 3rd and Leroy 9th. When on course they were great, but I nearly got bucked off in warm up with Leroy. He stepped on a stick, must have thought it was a snake. He jumped off all 4's and went off bucking!

SJ for the training horses today also...they both jumped clear. Again I also nearly fell off in warm up...Frolic nearly jumped me out of the tack, and preceded to go off certainly was a bit colder today...didn't quite expect that reaction. He jumped great in the ring though.

Tomorrow SJ for the big boys and XC for the lower level ones.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eventing USA - Article Posted!

I've just posted the most recent article in the USEA's publication Eventing USA on the classic three day...found over on the articles page!


We just put up this weeks poll...make sure to place your vote!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Plantation this weekend...

I'm just about finished packing before heading out to Unionville, PA to judge the Plantation Field horse trials. All of the horses at home should have an easy weekend, ramping up for the CIC** next week at Fair Hill.

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Fork

We just got back to NJ....finally!! It's great to be home...

We just returned form the Fork horse trials. We were very lucky with perfect weather at a perfect venue. Running Order was fantastic, he won his OI division and also had the best score of all 4 divisions! Leroy was also very good, finishing 6th in OI.

The prelim horses were also very good, especially considering they are both very green at the level. Tali finished 10th and the Lord also did very well.

I'm off to judge next weekend at Plantation Field and then continuing to ride at the Fair Hill International CIC** the following weekend.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

XC today...

Dressage has finished. Running Order is sitting in 2nd with a 29, Tali in 4th with a 32 and Leroy and the Lord in the middle of the pack. I'm sure a lot will change today. Couldn't be better weather...

Leroy is first out then the Lord's sj, back out on XC with RO and finally sj for Tali....results to come...

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