Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2013 Wrap-up Stats and More

Tali at Fair Hill International CCI*** Photo thanks to Alex Thayer via EventingNation's Who Jumped it Best
Details coming soon but I'm happy to report we've arrived in Aiken following one of the most chaiotic weeks of my life. With the tremendous help of Stacey Rogers who drove my car down form NJ and helped us unload the limitless piles of horses, equipment, jumps etc... Jess, Michelle, Katie and I have uprooted from NJ on our way to Raleigh, NC via Aiken, SC through April.

In reviewing the results from 2013 I was shocked and humbled. It's very easy to take a biased look at your horses from week to week, but these statistics seem to speak for themselves! Our total starts were down from last year due to my hand surgery in April, but every other statistic has improved. This is also the very first year I've ever had 100% of my XC rounds finish without jumping faults.

Not only am I incredibly lucky to have such a great group of horses, but a fabulous support and ownership team. Our owners include, Jane Dudinsky, Fred and Wendy Luce, The Virtus Syndicate, Kristin Michaloski, Kristen Burgers, Larry and Amelia Ross. DPE's support system includes, Sue Donatosky, Greg Staller (Running 'S' Equine), Michelle Novak (DPE's Manager) and our working students Jorgan Olijslager and Katie Cantine. I'm afraid I've missed countless others have contributed as well and I greatly appreciate their efforts.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tali finishes 4th in his first CCI*** at Fair Hill - Chronicle Blog

Tali cooling off after XC in the vet box with Katie (L) and Joan (R)

My latest blog is now up on the Chronicle of the Horse's website, read by clicking here.