Monday, July 23, 2012

DPE Podcast #18 is live...

Lysander aka Big Leo at his first Prelim (Stuart HT) Photo thanks to Sumner Crosby

This weeks Podcast includes a recap of a crazy week which started off at Stuart then back to NJ, off to Ohio, Judging at Fitches and more. We're also looking for a working student as well as 3 more participants in Running Orders Syndicate.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stuart Update Day #3

Simon in the OI XC - Photo via Twitter by


We are just finishing up with cross country day for training and up here at the Stuart Horse Trials. It has been a great week so far with Show Jumping still to come tomorrow.

I'm riding four horses here: Running Order, Lysander (Leo), Arbor Hill (Timeless) and Shining North Star (Simon). Two others came along with us from the barn, Kristin Michaloski riding Kilamanjaro (Hughie) and Nicole Carolan riding Topgun (Gunnar).

Stuart is Running Order's first run since Rolex, it's great to have him back in action. His dressage was decidedly sub-par, we had some rust to knock off. There were some moments that were quite good, but some others where his excitement derailed us from having a winning test. Not to worry, he'll be back in top form soon. His cross country, however was an entirely different story. He hardly put a foot wrong today in a beautiful clear around Derek's CIC** track.

Simon was next out, he too was a little too excited about his arrival here to put in a winning dressage test, but he certainly made up for it on XC. He is one of the most fun horses to gallop and jump that I've ever ridden, he lived up to that reputation here today. He wasn't backed off anything, he made easy work of the intermediate track.

Leo might get the gold star for the weekend so far. After making easy work of his 4 training level events this spring he made the big move up to prelim here. He started off extremely well finishing 2nd in dressage. I didn't know what to expect, but this was a huge and exciting surprise! I would not say this is the most ideal track to move up, Leo proved he belonged! He jumped around today very well, we had a few green moments to be expected, but he impressed me. He's going to be a very good horse in a few years time. I think he's going to try to steal the Prodigy's YEH-5 title this fall!

Timeless is last but not least, this was his first event ever. He has now successfully made the transition from the hunters to eventing finishing the novice here in 4th place! He also won the Irish Draught Horse Society's award for the highest place horse of Irish decent. Not a bad result for his very first time out!

Kristin is in great shape with Hughie, she was less than 2 points out of the lead after dressage and jumped around clean today with the best XC yet. Nicole finished up her weekend yesterday with her second win in a row with Gunnar in the Novice!

We start up tomorrow at 8 with the CIC** jogs.

There are a bunch of photos of all of the horses already posted on Stuart's website here.


Friday, July 6, 2012

Running Order's Syndicate is Taking Shape!

**UPDATE: We have 7 of the 10 shares currently spoken for, if you have any questions at all feel free to email or call.**

Patti Springsteen, Running Order's long time owner has decided it's best to devote her limited free time to her family. I am very thankful for her support to through the years, but it has come time that I seek alternate ownership for RO.

2012 Rolex CCI**** - Photo by Lindsay Berreth

I have to say this has been one of the most stressful times in my career to date. I want to be clear that I'm thankful for me and my horses health, and I fully understand that things could always be significantly worse! Running Order has be an integral part of our family now for 4 years. He is a tremendous athlete just approaching is prime. He's a character around the barn, frankly he's an attention whore! He's not happy unless someone or something is paying attention to him.

It is a shame that an emotional bond between rider and horse can be torn apart so quickly. Although it's a fact of life, I don't have the financial resources to secure Running Order for myself. I've been very lucky to gain the support of a number of owners over the past few years, without them I wouldn't be here today.

I truly believe that luck and success are made not given, so it's time to put together a group of caring, dedicated and fun loving people to join in this journey with us.

Last week I posted a video detailing his journey to the top, keep in mind while watching, this is just the start! Running Order is just 10 years old, he's proven that he can contend with the best in the world. He could very well be competing at the top for the next 6-9 years!

This syndicate will be formed with 10 shares. Syndicate details can be found at the Event Owner's Task Force's website by clicking here. USEF's Event Owners Task Force has done an admirable job forming a solid legal framework which will both protect and clearly explain all expected by all parties. The goal in this formation is to allow Running Order and me the opportunity to contend for the US team for years to come.

If you are interested in more information please don't hesitate to contact me at doug@dpequestrian or 908.399.9112.

Best Regards,


I was contacted by Running Order's breeder Joan O'Brien, she just posted his first Race in Ireland. I've also attached the video from Rolex Kentucky CCI**** this spring.

Running Order's First Race in Ireland

2012 Rolex Kentucky CCI****

Monday, July 2, 2012

1 4* horse in 18 mins and a 13.2 in dressage?!

This has been in the works now for some years, I finally had a moment and the footage to finally compile the time lapse.
Running Order's 4 years @ DPEquestrian

Running Order often steals the show, but Leo made a very strong case for the top slot over the weekend. Although he didn't get the top slot on the post, Jess gave him the fridge. He finished the weekend on a 13.2! I've only had one sub 20 score before, but nothing like this!

Click on the photo to enlarge!

Leo wasn't the only one who had a great weekend. Kristin Michaloski who coincidentally owns Leo with me finished 4th with Hughie. Nicole Carolan won her Novice division with Gunnar with a classy 23. Larry Ross who happens to own a share of both Crown Talisman and Royal Tribute nearly won his Novice division after leading in the dressage. A few time penalties dropped him to 6th, but still very impressive for his first event of the year!

We have a quiet weekend coming up, but Stuart is on the near horizon!