Friday, February 20, 2015

Aiken is in Full Swing

We are in full competitive swing down here in Aiken, hence the seldom updated blog. Although we should garner much sympathy from most this winter this past week has been downright freezing!

Our horses have had a great start this spring. We've been to two jumper shows at Highfields here in Aiken as well as our first event of the season at Paradise Farm. I've picked 3 of the most exciting performances so far...

The first is Eli (owned by Mike Rubin) who finished 2nd in the $5,000 Welcome Stakes and 6th in the $10,000 Mini Prix.

Second on the list was Marshall's (owned by Fred & Wendy Luce as well as Doug) first event at Paradise. He had a very good outing at the beginner novice.

Last but not least was Quantum's great performance at PSJ as well as his first event at Paradise in the beginner novice level. Unfortunately following a discussion with our accountant we are forced to sell Quantum. I hate to do so, but we are left without a choice at the moment. I'm completely convinced he will make an excellent partner for someone. If you might be interested, click here for details. 

We are heading back to PSJ with the jumpers for a schooling show this weekend. The eventers will be back in action next week at Sporting Days Farm Horse Trials in Aiken.