Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Updated Surgery Tali's Goes...

So I was able to speak to Dr Greg Staller, my vet, upon conferring with Brett they've decided to go forward with the surgery. Greg was not confident that there weren't micro chips, likened to an egg shell flaking, under the patella. If they are present they'd act like sand paper and destroy the joint. In the surgery they can go in and flush the joint, remove all of the chips and make sure all is in good shape.

Looks like we'll be taking him to the University of Georgia. The inflammation was down a bit today, and we're trying to get this done asap. Greg was upbeat on his prognosis. The good part about the surgery is that we'll know exactly what we're dealing with and all can be resolved in the best possible way.

So I think all is looking up in that we have a solution on the horizon. Stay tuned...

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