Friday, March 11, 2011

Red Hills Dressage Day Report

I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed with Red Hill. There isnt a stone unturned. I hear there are massive crowds on XC day, I'm sure this year will be no different, perfect weather sure doesn't hurt.

Dressage started with Simon. This is his 2nd intermediate and one would think he'd have plenty of experience at this point. I keep having to remind myself how few actual events he's been to, and how much larger this stage is than anything he's seen. He was wild yesterday, so I decided to ride him twice today. The first time early this am to burn some energy as well as practice some of the movements in the test. He was up, but defiantly better than yesterday. Ride #2 was even better. He did get nervous when going around the ring. I'm sure in time he will be among the leaders.

Running Order was next to go. He was excellent yesterday and I was hoping to the able to replicate it in the ring today. the training sessions last week have help tremendously. He warmed up very well. To my surprise he was just about as ridable in the ring as he was in warm-up. He has been the most difficult horse I have at the barn in dressage. Needless to say I was excited. He did have a few mistakes he broke in the counter-canter and had one late change, but came away with a 46. 17 points better than Boekelo!!

Tom was next up. He has been very good. His record at prelim leaves little to be desired. He's been 1st and 2nd so far...he is now winning here. Can't complain about that!

Reggie was last, he's still quite green at the level. I might have warmed up a bit too long. He was getting tired and not quite as consistent as yesterday. He still came away with a 31 putting him in 8th. Not bad for his 3rd prelim.

I then went out and walked nearly until dark. There is enough to do and its not going to be a dressage show I can assure you of that. Fingers crossed, I can't wait for tomorrow.

Quick not on Tali. I spoke to his surgeon last night. Tuesday is the big day up the he U of Ga.

Updates tomorrow.


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