Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tali, Mansions and more - Day #2 in Chantilly

Tali enjoying the view from the barn
The weather for day two in France was again absolutely perfect, hardly a cloud in the sky and just around 80 degrees. Trying to get back to normal I rode around 8:30 am, this is such an incredible facility! I decided to take advantage of the indoor's mirrors. I've got to figure out a way to build them at our place in NC, it was incredibly helpful to say the least. Tali was wild...but that is completely normal for him. He's an odd horse, every time he's in a new location he is on edge and marginally unridable for the first 45 minutes, luckily he's near enough normal by the second day. With a little luck we can get even more accomplished during tomorrow morning's ride. I'm still trying to perfect the small tweaks made a few days ago at my mom's place. Following tomorrow's ride we're scheduled to load up and head to the show grounds at Saumur. I can't wait!

In the meantime, Michelle and I visited the Musee Conde in the neighboring town to Chantilly. Having not been to France, aside from a train ride some years back, I really didn't expect this magnitude of extravagance in such a small town. Naive am I to think that palatial estates didn't exist much beyond the major cities. I've posted a bunch of photos on my personal Facebook page, click here to view. On the same property was a beautiful race course as well as the Domaine de Chantilly which houses a massive stable which runs exhibitions, races as well as a CSI** which is held next month. Check back tomorrow for updates on the show grounds!

Feel free to post questions below that you might have, I'd be more than happy to answer whatever is on your mind.


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