Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tali's Surgical Report...

Well as with everything there is good news and bad. Let me preface this with the fact that I'm not a vet, so I'm sure there are details I'm leaving out that might be useful for someone with a degree. Hopefully you can get the jist.

The bad first, is that he tore one of the ligaments stabilizing his Patella completely, allowing the Patella to shift towards the outside of his leg. He also strained his equivalent to our ACL. Dr. Peroni at UGa was optimistic on his prognosis, but it's going to be roughly 6-9 months.

The good news was that they were able to remove a number of clots and fibrous matter in the joint and debride the fracture line. This should allow for better quality healing. Also very good was the fact that the articulating surfaces of the knee are all in good shape. This should bode well for his future. The other bit of good news was that there were no bone fragments found in the joint.

I don't have the detailed info yet, but it sounds as if he'll be in a stall for the next few weeks. He then will be able to start to turn out assuming he's quiet and begin hand walking. Its best if we can keep the joint moving.

I should be able to pick him up tomorrow...so fingers crossed! I still can't help but feel bad for Tali. Such a small mistake, and what a production. I was glad to see at Red Hills the use of PRO Logs jumping into the water. They are basically large foam logs that look like wood. I'm a little gun shy about stifles these days, I was surprised how many marks and dents were in the logs by the end of the day. It'd be great if more events used such technology or brush etc. There shouldn't be such a large consequence for a green mistake.

Other happenings this week. Simon get's the call up for my XC training session tomorrow with Mark Phillips. 3:30 tomorrow at Paradise if anyone is interested. Running Order gets a lesson with Mark on Thursday at 11 am.

Pine Top is this coming weekend...the baby parade is going to be in full force!!

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