Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tali's Home!

Just a quick update. I just returned from U of Ga with Tali in tow. He's resting comfortably at home. I've got to say, if you didn't notice the slight swelling and patches from the scope you might not guess anything is wrong. He's walking very well, and wasted no time dropping to get a good roll in the fresh shavings. He's got 2 weeks of stall rest then the hand walking and light turnout can begin. I've been told that it's important to keep him moving during the healing process. Quite a good feeling having the surgery completed, knowing exactly what's wrong and how to make the most of his recovery. The 8 month's will go quickly, 2012 better watch out!

In other news, Running Order was at the training sessions today at 3 Runs Plantation. He was great...getting better by the day. I finally feel like I'm figuring out how to ride him. Better late than never! We're heading back tomorrow at 12.

Until then...


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