Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tali and Sporting Days Updates

First off Tali. Not that there is anything that can be done...but I can't help but feel bad for him. He's one of the most genuine horses I've dealt with, just not fun to see him in pain. On the up side. In the last two days he's made some big improvements. He was walking on his toe for the last week, if not hopping a on 3 legs. As of yesterday he was able to step over the threshold out of the stall and walk quite normal. Nearly flat footed now! I have to credit Meagan with his constant icing, bute and Lasering provided by our friends at SpectraVet. Our vet is coming out on Tuesday to check him out. Of course I'm anxiously awaiting his visit!

So on to Sporting Days. We had about as good of a weekend as you can get. Everyone at Sporting Days puts on a great event. From the food, to the smoothie lady (my personal favorite) to the rings and courses, it's a great opportunity to get the green guys out. The temperature was quite nice all weekend, we did have sporadic rain and consistent wind especially this morning that was less than ideal. All of the horses handled it well. As with any green guys they are more affected by blowing objects, falling dressage rings and show jumps than the older more experienced ones. They're not going to get any better without exposing them to it. So in that way I really don't mind. You can manage to get more out of the event with the extra distractions. They all will learn from it and be better next time out.

Tribute had two rails in his round, on of which was when we had something blow down behind us. He scooted, unfortunately we were just a few strides out from the third fence. Needless to say he was surprised by the jump that was quickly approaching. He couldn't get his 5' legs out of the way in time. Such is life...he was more careful from then on.

So the results were as follows, we had 9 horses competing. Of them 3 won (Socks, Reggie and Farley) 5 were in the top 5 (Beau, Popcorn, Beckett, Wauwinet and the Prodigy) Stonewall finish 9th. The weekend MVP is a tie between Beau who was 3rd in his first prelim and Socks who had his first win at his 3rd event in Novice.

We should have video's posted on the facebook page as well as some links to pictures...all found by clicking here.

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