Monday, March 14, 2011

Red Hills Wrap-Up...

Today or should I say yesterday was the last day of Red Hills for 2011. I don't have much room to complain. All of the horses jumped great. Reggie finished up in 10th in the Prelim with 1 rail down.

Tom jumped a great round, to finish on his dressage score in his third prelim, again winning his division. Pretty impressive, being that he's won 2 and was 2nd once in his 3 prelim outings!

Running Order was last to jump of ours. He warmed up great, and frankly jumped better than he's jumped in his career. We did have one down, but I can't overstate this enough, he's one hell of a horse who will be making a name for himself in the future. I'm just very lucky to be along for the ride!

I was wearing the helmet cam for XC and SJ over the weekend. It was a bit frustrating, but for some reason it died half of the way through XC. Needless to say there is still plenty to watch, make sure to pay close attention to your head, or mine, through the teepee (fence #11). I also included the normal footage of show jumping as well as the helmet cam view. All of which is being made possible from our friends at Equithrive. Running Order, as well as all of our top horses are now using Equithive, with great results! Click to find out more.

The video is being uploaded as we speak, so I'll make sure to post a link when we're up and running.

Status update on Simon: I was able to unwrap him when arriving back in Aiken. You wouldn't be able to tell that anything is/was wrong with the leg. Frustrating that he was unable to jump around the Intermediate this weekend...but such is life. Southern Pines will have to be his 2nd OI.

Pine Top is this upcoming weekend. The baby parade gets another confidence building outing. It should serve as Sock's last novice before Southern Pines.

Check back soon for the video...


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