Saturday, March 12, 2011

Red Hills XC update...

Well it was exactly as expected...far from a dressage show. Reggie started the day off in the prelim. He's still green at the level, so we didn't make a go at the time. He jumped around well and finished up in 9th.

Tom was next out. As always, from what I hear, the time was difficult to make. Being that we started the day in the lead, I didn't want that to change. He just keeps impressing me more with each run. This being his 3rd prelim I expected him to be quite green with some of the combinations, but he was far from it. He jumped around easily making the time, retaining our lead. He has a great gallop, I'm starting to think he might not have an upper limit.

Running Order was next. I was a bit nervous before going out. There was plenty to do, and a number of problems with the few who had gone out before me. But this is one bad @## horse! He jumped around very well, didn't put a foot wrong. Even got the EN plug for best jumping horse of the day. Couldn't agree more with John. We finished up with some time remaining in 5th place in the CIC***.

Simon was to be next out, unfortunately we had a bit of a scare. When tacking him up Meagan noticed some localized swelling on his LF. It was scary looking, so out of an abundance of caution we had it scanned and didn't run XC. Turns out that its just fluid, basically he kicked himself in the stall sometime around mid day. 48 hrs he should be good to go.

Jogs at 8 tomorrow, which is actually like 7 with the time change. SJ to follow.  

Until tomorrow...


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