Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stuart, Stone Gate Farm eventing camp and of course Bandit

Following Sock's hunter derby (video below) Tuesday we quickly entered eventing mode. Both he and RO went over to my parent's place to jump some XC. This was Running Order's first run back since the Jersey CCI*** in May. Socks was pretty damn good schooling, he's very brave and quick on his feet. Of course I was still a bit nervous, as you always are when moving up a level, but he was prepared so he was good to go!

Socks's Hunter Derby

We arrived up at Stuart on wed night following our XC schooling, packing and riding. Coincidentally, this was the start of the massive heat wave. Nothing better than sweat pouring down your face as your unpacking the trailer. Luckily for the horses, we have fans in the trailer, but of course you still have to feel bad for them.

Dressage went well on Thursday, Leo finished his XC in the afternoon. Leo has been getting better and better over the past few months. I was very happy with him, especially considering he's 4 and this was his 3rd Novice and 4th event ever.

Leo's Stuart Video

Friday was the last day for Leo, and the start for the big guys. All of the horses went well. The show jumping at Stuart is always great for the younger horses being that they have the sponsors tent, banners as well as gazebo for judges. Leo did have one rail, the lack of attention span caught up with us. I don't think it ever registered that the jump was there until it was too late.

The other highlight of the day was keeping the counter canter in Sock's first prelim. Not only did he keep it, but he managed to get a 28! Pretty impressive.

We spent all afternoon on Friday walking the courses. They were, as expected, on the difficult side. Not only is it a function of the jumps, but also the terrain. Unlike any other event we go to through the year, the steep terrain gives Derek a bundle of options for blind landings etc.

XC started bright and early with Socks. He was excellent, I can't say enough about him. He never stops impressing, he jumped around with ease. He's very quick on his feet, and very brave. We had a few green moments, but really can't expect more!

Sock's XC

Sock's XC Helmet Cam with Commentary

Running Order jumped around as if it were child's play. It was a great course for him, challenging, but the perfect prep for Millbrook and Blenheim. Tribute and the others jumped around very well also.

Sunday was SJ day for everyone aside from Leo. They all jumped well. The video of the day goes to Running Order who finished 2nd in the CIC**. Socks finished 8th, and Leo 6th.

Running Order's SJ

We drove back following the event. I was able to ride at the barn all day Monday, then caught a flight out to Ohio to Stone Gate Farm for their first annual Eventing Camp. I along with Eric Dirks taught Tues through Thursday. The clinic was great fun, it was a great group of people. As always I end up learning a great deal in the process.

Jackie Smith should also be commended for her job organizing the clinic. Without a doubt, I'll be back next year! I have to say, Bandit stole the show! Bandit was a rescued raccoon who was approx 12 weeks old, and pretty damn cute.

Bandit Smith

Bandit Smith the Raccoon and Bear the lab

We're off of eventing for the week and on to show jumping. I'm jumping at the USET on Tuesday with Anne Kursinski then on to HITS in Saugraties Wed-Fri. We'll be back eventing on Sunday for the NJ horse trials.


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