Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hunter time continues...

I had another exciting day today. We left the barn early this morning making our way to Briarwood for my and Sock's first hunter derby. In hindsight, upon arrival we should have headed straight to the secretary's office, but we went down to walk the course. Unfortunately, entering late we were placed 2nd in the order of 40. I know I'm partial, but I think he got robbed!! Socks was impressive, he never ceases to surprise me how easily he adapts to whatever situation we stick him in, especially considering he's 6 this year and just started competing in Aiken this spring. Overall he jumped very well, he didn't have the best 2nd jump. I also should have stuck studs in being that the outside portion of the course was quite slippery, making for a tentative effort, but like I said he jumped very well otherwise.

When we left he was 2pts out of making the cut for the handy round. Such is life, we'll be back again.

Now the tricky part comes in...Over the past 2 weeks, I've spent nearly every day working on his changes. I've got to say they came off quite well, however, Socks is headed to Stuart this weekend for his first prelim. For all of those aware of the Prelim test, we have to do a counter canter across the short side of the ring. So, needless to say, we'll be working on counter canter until Friday's dressage. Fingers crossed!!

I'm heading over to Anne Kursinski's tomorrow with Tribute for a jumping lesson. I've been looking forward to the opportunity to take him over to AK's for a while now, we've finally matched up our schedules.

Mid afternoon we'll be heading up to Stuart. Running Order will be in the CIC** for his first run back following Jersey. Tribute and one other in the training, Socks in the prelim and Leo in the novice.

Check back for more...

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  1. Looks like a tidy round. Do you get to see your score sheet? I've always wondered what they look like and any comments they make.

    Was it difficult to learn the course? It seemed long and confusing.

    can't wait to see your next expositions.