Thursday, December 22, 2011

Podcast #3 is up, like anything else it's a work in progress.

I think this podcast will be a great thing in the future, but like anything there is a steep learning curve. I had a call with Chris from Eventing Radio earlier in the week. She had a lot of great tips. This week we have an interview with our newest working student Jenny from our friends up north.

If you haven't yet downloaded Instacast yet, you should get right to it. Instacast will allow you do automatically download your podcasts directly onto your iPhone or Droid.

Again the podcast web address is

Merry Christmas and Stay Warm!!



  1. I just listened to all three, I think it is going to be fun and I hope you keep it up. Back in the 80s when MBP was producing tapes of all the big European events they did lots and lots of interviews with the riders who talked about their horses etc. I miss that. I am a lower level rider/instructor, the only top level riders I hang out with are the few I know personally. You would think with FB and blogs and twitter and all, that we would know something about the riders and horses, but most of the social media is who won what and which horse is for sale. No different than H/J.
    I hope you get a good reception for this, I think a connection between the pros and the fans needs more than sale ads and clinic announcements. Good luck!

  2. Barbara,

    Thanks for the feedback, I think you've more clearly articulated my goals than I. Would you mind if I used this on my site?

    Thanks again,