Sunday, July 3, 2011

Leo @ NJHP and Sock's Hunter Style...

Leo was pretty damn good yesterday. This was his 3rd event, and his second novice. He wasn't exactly thrilled with the pvc dressage ring. Every time the sand would hit it he'd spook off the rail. He held it together reasonably well coming away with a 33 in 4th out of 20. Show Jumping was next, he jumped very well. Much better than any of the previous times off the property. While he looked at a number of them, he still remembered where his feet were. All expect for one remained standing at the end. I couldn't be upset with him, especially considering his level of experience and the fact that he's a 17.3h 4 yr old! XC was very good, he's going to be a great horse in the future. He's very easy on himself, and has a great gallop. He almost needs bigger jumps to pay attention. I think we'll do a few more novices then on to training! He managed to finish up 6th at the end of the day.

Sunday rolls around. Conor and I went galloping with Running Order and the Prodigy. The radar didn't look too good, but I figured we'll give it a shot. I haven't melted in the rain yet. On our second time up the hill the lightning came a bit too close for comfort! So we decided that they were fit enough for today.

Following a quick change of clothes. Socks and I headed over to Jen Bauersachs' place for a hunter lesson. We're entered in a Hunter Derby not this Tuesday, but next. Jen was great, in that I knew nothing. I needed to know everything from what should I wear, to the tack that should be used, to common etiquette...the list goes on. Below was our last course, simulating the second round. Still have to clean the changes up a bit, but overall I was very pleased. It's really a great opportunity to get a taste of all disciplines, there's always something to learn.

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