Friday, July 1, 2011

Finally perfecting this video!

It's an arduous and amusing process, but I've finally arrived at what is, for now, the final cut of our syndicate video. I'm very OCD, so I'm sure small changes will continue indefinitely. Usually, I can pick things up the first time around, and be more than happy with the results. Unfortunately, for this video, this has not been the case. I wanted to convey more of what it takes to keep this team firing, and how exciting it really is to see the horses progress over time.

On the technical side, fix some lighting issues etc. We also had some fun jumping the camera. The final cuts appear in the opening sequence. Running Order was elected, on his first jump back from Jersey, to demonstrate for us. I've got to say, not often do you have such motivation not to miss your distance. The last thing you want it to have a 4x4 go crashing down onto your camera. It's really is not all it's cracked up to take a look and enjoy!

It has been posted on youtube and is embedded in the bio page on the site.


PS we do have an event tomorrow. Leo or Lysander mentioned in the video is heading to NJ horse trials tomorrow for his 3rd novice. I'll make sure to post an update afterwards...

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