Friday, May 20, 2011

Tali update!! and other news.

Finally have some great news to share! While at Jersey last week (report here) Greg, our vet, came out to check on his progress as well as inject stem cells into the stifle which have been replicating for the past 3 weeks following a medieval extraction from his pelvis. If you've not seen them drawn, it might as well be in a dungeon torture tour at your local castle. No castle close...just imagine drilling in the point of his hip with a T tap which conveniently doubles as a needle to attach a 60cc syringe with extracts the marrow. Anyway long story short, Tali trotted up sound! I was in shock when I received the text. I figured we're on an 8 month journey, he wouldn't be sound for quite a while. This of course is very exciting and bodes well for his compeitive return in 2011.

So in the meantime he's been cleared for hand grazing for the next few weeks. We'll continue to laser it, thanks again to SpectraVet, hand graze for the next few weeks then on to real hand walking and soon we'll be back on him. I'm certain with some chemical assistance, I don't think I'd have a shot to actually getting on without being thrown into the rafters otherwise. Running around the farm, although a great thrill for Tali wouldn't exactly be good for his knee.

So continuing on the good news trend here we're very happy to welcome Parlanti Boots to the DPE team. They are the producers of some exceptional footwear as well as garments. As you may remember from Samantha Clark's blog, my boot situation was dire.

As for the Jersey horses update:

Running Order is thoroughly enjoying all of the mud we have as a result of the relentless rain. I think he's happy to be returning to his Irish roots. 

Tom's cut on his chest is healing very well, he should be back in work within the week and on to Bromont!

Simon is also doing much better, he's getting an IRAP injection into his right stifle. I still can't believe it. Dressage warm up!!! That's horses for you! Again Bromont is the plan.

The Prodigy, coming off his 5 yr old win is headed to a local jumper show tomorrow, and on to Fair Hill next week.

That's all we've got for now...check back soon! Until then try to stay dry if you're reading this anywhere in North America. I saw the sun today for the first time in a week. I was beginning to believe the world is really ending soon. I read that if it ends tomorrow that Bloomburg is suspending alternate side of the street parking in NYC (link). Good thinking!


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