Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jersey Day #1

Dressage day for both Running Order and Tom finished with very little room to complain.

The day started out by riding the two that go later in the week. Simon who completes tomorrow and the Prodigy who doesn't go in till Sunday. Simon was his usual exuberant self. I'm still very excited about his chances in the future but it's just going to take time. I would expect him to put in a good test but tension will limit his chances of coming out on top.

The Prodigy was excellent today especially considering all of the atmosphere. He's not seen anything close to this before. His 5 yr old class isn't for a few more days so we've got some time. Mark happened to be in the warm up and gave me some help while I was riding. He was on my case about expecting more from Tribute. He finished up very well. I find it easy with him to be lulled into just wtc around being that he's such a great mover and talented horse, I need to raise my expectations.

Tom was the first to compete today. He put me in a very solid test we had a few little mistakes but nothing that will prevent is success in the future. He would be the one of, or the greenest horse in the field but came away in fourth place less than 2 points from 2nd! Not bad in the least!

RO was last up today. I can't say enough about this horse he's just getting better and better. It's far from perfect, but were getting closer and closer with each passing day. For the most part is connection was more solid today then it in the past. We had 2 bubbles which prevented us from taking the lead, but 2nd by less than a rail isn't a bad place to be after dressage in a 3*.

Following dressage I was able to walk the 3 star and the 2 star CIC and CCI. All of the courses look great. There is certainly enough to do out there but I think its suits all of the horses well. I can't wait until Saturday. I've said it before at other events, but I think it holds true here this weekend as well. It's not going to be a dressage show.

We also have an open invitation to anyone interested, I'll be walking the 3* course at 2pm tomorrow. If your interested give a call or email or just show up by the barn entrance. It should be a great time for all...

Check back tomorrow here or in person at the course walk.


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