Monday, May 30, 2011

Fair Hill Update...Socks Wins!!

Conor, Erin, Kristin and I headed down to Fair Hill yesterday for today's event. The babies were out in force today. It was also Kristin's first event with Hughie and Erin's first in a while with Dalton.

I brought Leo, Socks and the Prodigy (aka Tribute). They couldn't have started better! Socks was first to go, he was great in dressage and finished up with a 23 in first. The Prodigy didn't want Socks to steal the show. He too finished in 1st with a 23. Leo was very good as well, especially considering this was only his 2nd event ever. He finished with a 31, tied for the lead.

Socks on XC - Photo Credit to Steve Berkowitz

Socks was first of the bunch to jump. He was very good, he continues to get better every weekend out. Like all things its better to be lucky than good...we had luck on our side today. We ended up with a much longer distance than ideal on the bank out of the water. Luckily Socks is a great jumper with plenty of scope to spare. We used most of it, landed without trouble and finished up the course in great form.

The Prodigy was next to jump. I was excited to try to implement what I learned at the Briarwood jumper show last weekend. He might be the most talented horse I've ever been lucky enough to ride, but he is a 17.3 hand 5 yr old who has been in eventing for a grand total of 4 months. I was able to get him a bit more active which allowed him to be sharper and jump quite a bit better. I was able to get it for all but 2 of the jumps. Unfortunately those rails fell...XC was great. He finished up in 5th. Still not a bad weekend in the least, moving up to training next time out!

Leo was last of mine to go, as I said before this was only his second event ever. He was very spooky at first. I hardly made it to the start line. We got about half way in the show jumping field before spinning and bolting for the in-gate. He managed to jump around without too much trouble. He did have a few rails, but in the future this will hardly be the problem. He's an excellent jumper, he actually might switch over to jumperland some day. XC was very good, again no room to complain with a 6th place finish at his first novice.

Kristin and Erin also had great weekends. Kristin won the dressage on a 29 and finished in 7th. Erin was very close behind in 3rd after dressage and finished up in 5th.

Back in NJ tonight...we'll be heading up to Bromont for our next event. That's not this weekend but next. Simon is planning on the CCI** and Tom in the CCI*.

Back again soon...


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