Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 3...

Va finished up well. Frolic jumped quite well finishing up his first prelim. We did have one rail in the show jumping. In hind sight I shaved a bit off the turn approaching the jump with the rail. He didn't quite lock on to the fence until it was too late, we had a good distance just didn't quite get his feet up in time. Had I stayed out in the turn I might have had a better outcome. Live and learn, got to make the most of the mistakes so I don't make them again! Regardless, he finished up in 5th which was pretty damn good in such a large division.

PJ finished up with XC in his first novice. Because of the rain the day before and the lack of stud holes the XC round was a bit of a combination of XC and surfing. The good thing is it's hard for the horses to stop when they have little grip :)...but he jumped well and finished up clear and we won the tie being closer to the ideal time.

Other notes from mom finished up 4th after an unfortunate rail in SJ that could have given her the win in training. Sinead did win her training division all was good in the end.

This week coming up...I'm heading over to Anne Kursinski's to ride on Tuesday, and we have a schooling dressage show on wed. Running Order and Tali are going to have a little down time for the next week or so. The babies are headed to Plantation in 2 weeks and Seneca in 3.

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