Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day #1 at Jersey CCI**

We had an early start this morning. We left at 6:15 to get here, get the in barn inspections done and get to the 9am briefing on time. I was asked to be the rider rep for the **. The rider representative is selected by the judges to act as a intermediary between compeitors and officials for concerns regarding timing, footing or courses or whatever else might be pressing over the weekend.

Following the meeting we had the first formal inspection. Leroy was sound and ready to fight! We also got times. I'll be doing dressage at 2:20 tomorrow. I also was able to get a 1st walk in of the XC course. It looks great! They've made a lot of changes, and it appears as if it'll flow much better than in years past.

Tomorrow will start off in search of food!...then walking XC for a second time. I will then review the test etc..and get ready to get the ball rolling. Following dressage I'll do a final walk of the XC and hope for the best!

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