Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 2...

Well all was nearly the 2nd to last in the CCI. Tali had a great course going, but hung a leg and I couldn't quite save it. Another day...

Running Order was very good...I let him cruise around so we had a few time penalties. It was a very good course for him to see, esp the island bounce back into water. He handled it all very well.

Frolic is doing his first prelim. He got a 33 dressage. I personally hate the prelim B test they have counter canter across the short side, which in a small ring gets pretty damn tight quickly. Compounding this is that Frolic's changes are not so much. So long story short I was very happy didn't have any inadvertent changes. We then went off to XC...he's generally a little spooky, today was no different. The good part is I felt as if he were just being careful always going. He jumped around clean with a few time and is sitting in 6th.

PJ is doing his first novice. Dressage was up on the hill and he was a bit nervous. Still came away with a 32. I really wasn't sure how he'd handle the coliseum, he really didn't seem to mind. Jumped clean in a difficult sj and is in 4th.

Frolic SJ

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