Friday, October 5, 2012

Morven Park Bound

We're on the way down to Virginia for our final run prior to the Fair Hill CCI** and YEH-5 Championships.

Unfortunately, Tali is not joining us this weekend. Two days ago he came in from the field with a swollen eye. Upon inspection our Vet, Dr. Staller, prescribed a course of medication which would make competing impossible. His eye was looking good this morning, so luckily we were able to fit in another gallop. Although it's not an ideal lead up to a 2* I think we'll be in great shape in 2 weeks time.

Along with us to Morven is Lysander aka Big Leo who is entered in the Preliminary which will serve as his last run before the 5 yr old championships. In addition to Leo is Artie. Artie is entered in the training, he is a horse who arrived a month or so back and is being offered for sale. He's an exceptional athlete, he's competed through Prelim in Germany before arriving in the states. I've now shown him in the 1.20m jumpers. This will be his first event in the country. Pictures and videos are posted on our sale page

Keep in touch for this weekends the looks of it, it's going to be a great weekend!


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