Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bromont XC Day....

As always XC was exciting, but the 'Prodigy' continued to live up to his name. This was his first CCI* and a challenging one at that! Tribute handled it with class. He continues to impress me with the length of his stride and his athleticism which will prove invaluable in the future.

We had a few moments which were tricky, especially the last water where there were 3 ducks in a row. The first was on solid ground, then 4 strides to the second in the water and the third on solid ground on the other side. Tribute jumped clear into the water, unfortunately putting us at a less than desirable distance to the duck. Fortunately, he was quick to figure it out, and jumped out like a champ! We finished up the day just 2 seconds under the time adding nothing to our dressage score moving to hold 2nd place alone.

He looked great tonight, so fingers crossed for the 8 am jog tomorrow morning. With some luck we'll leave the rails up and see what happens. Regardless, I'm convinced that I very well may be the luckiest person here to have such a special horse coming up the ranks. Thanks again to Kristen Burgers who owns Tribute with me. Without her I wouldn't be here!

I can't forget Jess and Kelsey. Jess and Trevor jumped very well around the CIC*** course as did Kelsey in the CCI* both finishing clear with a little time. Today was a great day for us...hopefully this trend continues tomorrow!!

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