Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Fair Hill CCI** and YEH-5 has officially begun!

Jess, Tali, Big Leo and of course the dogs and I arrived yesterday to Fair Hill. Yesterday afternoon/evening was spent unpacking and attending a USEF active athletes meeting where David O'Connor gave the initial presentation of the US team of the future.  I'm very excited to have an opportuntiy to play a part. I think he's going to do a fablious job.

We had a leisurely morning this am, spent riding both horses and setting up the barns. Up next was the first riders meeting where we all meet the ground jury as well as get a number of housekeeping details ironed out.

The CCI** jog was also held today. Tali was his usually expressive self, jogged great down the strip and then as we turned he realized he was flanked by a massive tent and flags. He began levitating and he would...settled and continued in a flamboyant passage.

Tomorrow is the start of the Young Event horse competition. Leo is up at 9:10. Tali gets another quiet day, his dressage is set for 2:27 on Friday.

Tali and Jess just following the Jogs

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