Thursday, August 26, 2010

Richland day #2

Richland Park is certainly living up to its reputation. The facility is great. The rings, warm-up and XC all are in near perfect condition. The entire course is being irrigated as we speak. While were on the subject of xc, I can't wait until Saturday. Ian Stark's course is very inviting and certainly will encourage and reward forward positive riding. I'm sure there will be a fair about of problems...hopefully were not among them :).

Running Order did dressage today. He had his best test to date. We're sitting on a 52.2 in 7th place. I'm very happy especially considering the field he's in. He's less than 2 pts back from Karen O'Connors Mandeba and just ahead of Buck and Ballynocastle RM! Both horses should be bound for the world games in a month. Nate Chambers is currently winning with Boyd Martin close behind. All is quite close so I'm sure we'll have a very exciting Saturday.

Slick is going tomorrow right around mid check back for updates!


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