Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wet end for Briarwood...

We were lucky for most of the day. Charlie Blues did the level 1's. He was great having only 1 rail in all three rounds winning two of them. He was also awarded champion for the level 1's! (Side note, CB is for sale...check him out on the for sale page)

Next up was Leo and Courage in the level 3's. Leo did both classes, he was great. We won the first class, and might have won the second had I not been so ambitious with an angle I took in the jump off. It unfortunately resulted in a rail, but he really was great.

Courage did the second level 3 class, winning it, and then on to the level 5's. At this point the rain became torrential. Our plan was to do both classes in the 5's, but due to the rain, I just did the first class twice. The second round didn't count for scores, but was good experience. We fixed a few rough spots of the first round.

We're off to Richland Park for Running Order's first CIC*** this week. It's going to be another 3am departure to get out to Michigan before the in barn inspections are closed. Slick will also make the trip for his 4th training. Prelim is on the near horizon for'll be interesting to see how he handles all of the atmosphere at Richland.

Today's Results below:
· 1st Briarwood Farm - Level 5 - Courage -
· 1st Briarwood Farm - Level 3 - Courage -
· 1st Briarwood Farm - Level 3 - Talisman -
· 3rd Briarwood Farm - Level 3 - Talisman -
· 1st Briarwood Farm - Level 1 - P/S - Charlie Blues -
· 1st Briarwood Farm - Level 1 - Charlie Blues -

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