Monday, March 24, 2014

Carolina International CIC***

Tali in the CIC*** XC - Photo by Amy Dragoo at the Stone Henge Complex
We've returned to Aiken from the inaugural Carolina International. I want to start by recognizing the efforts by the countless volunteers, sponsors as well as my fellow members on the organizing committee especially Jane Murray and Marc Donovan. Without the efforts of these countless people, we wouldn't have the Carolina International or eventing as a sport for that matter!

As for our horses, they were excellent. I can't thank my lovely wife, crazy to say :), and Michelle for their support and help. Our horses and I would be lost without them! The results were as follows:

CIC*** - Crown Talisman aka Tali owned by Larry & Amelia Ross and Doug - 4th
CIC* - Cellar Door aka Little Leo owned by Jane Dudinsky - 2nd
CIC* - Lysander aka Big Leo owned by Kristin Michaloski and Doug - 5th
Preliminary - Cossino Rio aka Rio owned by Fred & Wendy Luce and Doug - 1st
Training - Lisnahall Imperier aka Rex owned by Virtus - 1st 
Training - de Kooning aka Willem owned by Susan Cipolla - 2nd

On our drive home I was stuck thinking that this was, across the board, my most successful weekend to date. I felt humbled by all who are currently and have supported me in the past. I am driven to do them proud. I can't wait to see what comes in the future!

We're headed to Atlanta for some jumping with Eli on Thurs, will be interesting. Check back soon for results!

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