Sunday, March 2, 2014

Back to Aiken following a great week at Meadow Creek in Texas!

This was the unbelievable situation Helmut Boehme and I found ourselves in on our drive back to Dallas from Meadow Creek this afternoon. Having a heads up that thunderstorms were on the horizon we decided to run XC on 1:30 min intervals today rather than the customary 2 mins. This allowed us to wrap up before the major rain hit. Or should I say what started as rain. We hopped in the car and headed north towards the DFW airport when the bottom dropped out. I've not been in a thunder and lightning rain, hail, sleet storm before, and even if I had, the magnitude of this was exceptional! We managed to arrive at the airport with what should have been hours, but was just minutes to spare. 

I'd to thank Robbie and Brad as well as the countless volunteers who kept everything running smoothly especially in today's less than ideal conditions!

I'm airborne at the moment, and planning the hectic week ahead. Jess and my wedding is just a few short weeks away. Aside from the final loose ends with the party, we need to head to Raleigh this week to find a house!

We'll also be back at PSJ late in the week for the $15k mini prix, check back for updates and results!


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