Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Rolex Report....

I'm not sure where to begin, and I plan to follow up with some more details in the next podcast, but what a weekend! I consider myself one very lucky person to have the opportunity to be riding such an amazing horse.

Running Order proved that he is the real deal. I can't wait to see what the coming years will bring. I figured it'd be best to go chronologically through the week...

Wed Jog: It's a surreal feeling finally getting to a 4*. It's been a goal of mine for years and years, and this was it... As with every year at Kentucky they pick a best dressed man and woman. I figured, what the hell go for broke. I brought out my best (only) suit as well as a purple tie (bold decision) and it paid off with the help of Michelle's spit polish of RO. Thanks again to Dubarry Boots for their more than generous award.

Photo by Cynthia Lawler via Facebook
Dressage day was next...

Linda Zang has helped me tremendously this spring. Without it I'd have been in trouble, but I was lucky enough that she also attended. RO was excellent, no perfect, but the best he's been to date. Linda gave me a few pointers that for whatever reason I had never considered in the past. I'm extremely excited in that I see a way forward where progress has few limits. We finished up in 15th less than 10 points out of the lead out of 69 starters. Not bad for our first 4*!

Photo by Cynthia Lawler via Facebook
Cross country was next up...

To say I was nervous would have been a large understatement. It's the unknown that's hardest to prepare for, but RO didn't disappoint. He jumped around without much effort. His scope and gallop still astound me. We did have one bobble at the coffin complex. Long story short I over corrected for a drift over the ditch. I was given permission by the FEI, NBC and Rolex to wear the helmet cam. The video along with a voice over analysis is below, it's a must see!

Photo via SmartPak (Facebook)

The final Jog and Show Jumping...

RO came off the course in excellent shape, and jogged as if he'd done nothing the day before. Jumping was a challenge, being that RO is very spooky. We finished up in 18th place and very proud of what we accomplished. I have to thank Patti Springsteen again for all of her support as well as my sponsors Five Star Tack, Ecogold, SpectraVet Lasers, Cavalor, HayGain, HitAir, EquineLite Mats, Equithrive, Horseware Ireland, Parlanti boots and our newest sponsor CWD Saddles.

Photo by Cynthia Lawler via Facebook


  1. Absolutely fabulous video and commentary! Thanks so much. I love your analysis of the jumps and that you stopped and slow motioned some of them too. I can't imagine how great you much feel with this under your belt. Congrats!


  2. thanks so much for doing this video - I have seen helmet cams before, but the commentary really made it! a great learning tool, and just plain cool :)