Saturday, September 1, 2012

HITS - CWD - Working Student and More

We've just wrapped up a very good week. We're finally heading out of the black hole that has been the past month or so. Our brand new syndicate is very quickly forming, our two horses attack is taking shape.

We have a few new members joining our group which is, without a doubt, the most exciting project I've been involved with to date. If you'd like to join us your time is quickly running out. Contact me at or 908.399.9112 for details.

Wednesday and Friday we made the trip up to HITS Saugraties with Wishfull-V owned by Amy Hentenaar. Wednesday we started off with the level 5 and 6's. Following strong performances in both Friday we bumped him up to the Level 6 and 7's. Below are photos and video of the 7's (1.40m/4'6") where he placed 6th. Wishfull is tentatively slated for the $35,000 grand prix at Princeton in a few weeks time.

Appropriately we got a great shot over the CWD oxer. Friday was my first show in the brand new 2G saddle. I can't say enough, this saddle is excellent!! The crazy thing is it's only going to get better as it breaks in for real.

We're also have an opening for a new working student. We're looking for someone who is fun loving, hard working and wants to learn. Ideally this person could stay with us for a year period or more. If you are interested or would like more info please contact me or Jess at or 615-477-1773.


  1. I'd absolutely LOVE to be a working student... If I didn't have to start my junior year of high school in a few days.

  2. I would except, I'm only 12 and I have a horse... Oh wait, a brilliant idea came to my head lol, I could take my horse with me and stay as a working student over my summer break ;) That would be awesome except, I doubt you would like a 12 year old as a working student

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