Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quick BCHP Report

Tribute made his training debut today. He was a little up in the dressage, but still came away with a 28. He jumped great on xc and was only a few seconds slow. I was very excited finishing the course being that he'd be so brave throughout. I've got to say I was even more excited coming out of show jumping with this first clear round since Aiken, and with the jumps 4" higher no less! I actually think he needed a bigger fence to pay attention. I don't think we ever managed to have a clean round at Novice. Whatever the cause, it was exciting, and he finished up in 3rd.

Socks was characteristically good, finishing up on his dressage score of 27 and winning the division.

Virgil and Leo was next out in the novice. Both horses are very green, it was Leo's 3rd and Virgil's 4th event ever. Both were good in dressage, Leo with a 25 and Virgil with a 29. They continued doing well through XC where they jumped clean. I can't wait for the pictures, Virgil must have landed 2 strides out into the water jump.

SJ was last up, Virgil jumped clean to finish in 3rd and Leo had one down to finish 4th. Not bad for Leo especially considering he had 4 down just a few weeks back!

On to surefire next weekend...

Stay cool!


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