Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dressage Day at Bromont

Long story short, Tom (aka Camerlingo owned by Kristin Michaloski) made the trip alone. Jess came along to help, so needless to say we're having a relaxed weekend. We drove up late on Tuesday to arrive in time for the in barn inspections and jogs on Wednesday. Today was our first day of competition one step closer to qualifying for the Pan American Games. Tom's dressage was quite good. He finished on a 45.7 which placed 2nd out of the 39 competitors.

We had a quick look at the cross country. For anyone who hasn't yet been to Bromont, it's a beautiful setting and Derek has done a great job designing the courses. We'll spend most of tomorrow walking and re-walking the courses. More to come...


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  1. Nice photo; Great score; wishing you and Tom continued Good Luck! Hope you're having fun!