Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finally Extracted from the Plantation Mud!

We were finally pulled out of Plantation Field this morning after the cold monsoon that was yesterday. The Ground Jury along with Organizers decided this morning that they couldn't get the emergency vehicles around XC, thus making it impossible to run the competition.

It was disappointing especially considering how well the horses did yesterday despite the blowing wind, rain and 1' of mud in the rings! Socks (aka Rivertown Lad owned by Wendy Luce) was winning his training division after dressage and SJ by nearly 5 points on a 25. The Prodigy (aka Royal Tribute owned by myself and Kristen Burgers) was winning his novice division on a 22 after dressage, and PJ (Absolute Faith owned by Jill Fisher) was in 4th. Such is life...

Fair Hill is coming up next week. I gave Mary a call and got Socks in for training. Running Order will be in the Advanced, Simon in the CIC** and Beau will be in the prelim.

In the meantime we're trying to dry out and remove the plantation mud from everything that came with us to the event.

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