Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fork recap...

The Fork HT finished up very well. Simon was first up...he jumped very well. He did have one rail down but finished up 6th. Pretty damn good for his 2nd OI!

Beau's XC was next to go. He was very bold almost too much. We had a close call in the 2nd water. He jumped well out into the pond and stumbled on landing. I was immediately covered in a wave of water. We recovered well and finished up inside of the time. He finished up in 9th. It was a good finish for the weekend.

Tom was up for his SJ next. He jumped a very good round and remarkably won his division! Pretty awesome for his first intermediate!!

Running Order was last to go. He had one awkward jump at the first. I still can't figure out why but he did manage to clobber it. He jumped the rest of the round very well. He finished up in 8th. Very exciting especially considering it was out of 50+ starters.

Plantation is next up this coming weekend for the babies and then Fair Hill CIC the following weekend for the big guys.


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