Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Perfect start to the 2011 season...

Today was our first official outing for the year. We headed just down the street to Full Gallop Farm. They have a new xc course designer for 2011 so there were a lot of changes and I'd have to say the courses certainly beefed up compared to years past. We had 6 horses with us today.

The prelim horses were first to go. All three were very good, especially for their first outing on a big course. Full Gallop puts on a well run show, I only wish they had a bit more land to expand the XC, the new course had a number of changes. All were quite good, certainly bigger and more technical then before. Today served as Tali and Simon's last prelims, they are headed to intermediate in a week and a half!

So the results...Tali (owned by Doug, Amelia and Larry Ross) was 1st with a 24 in dressge, Simon (SNS Syndicate) with a 33 finished 3rd and Slick 8th in the prelim. Tom (Kristin Michaloski) did his first training today. He was exceptionally good earning a 26 in dressage and finishing on his dressage score to win. Farley (Shanon and Steve Day) won his BN division on a 31 and last but not least, Reggie (Shanon and Steve Day) finished 4th in training.

It was near ideal conditions today, mid 60's and sunny. It sounds as if it's going to get colder with rain tomorrow. We have Sporting Days coming up this Saturday. Sunday is the beginning of the USEF training sessions. It should be very interested, not only are we getting lessons with the horses, but we're meeting with the USOC staff. As I understand it they are speaking with us individually regarding, mental preparation, physical prep as well as a nutritional analysis. Lots of exciting things happening...check back for updates!

Stay Warm!!

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