Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warm Sunshine!

I find myself in the last day of a continuing ed program for judges and TD's in Ocala, Fl after an exciting week. We have to attend one every three years to maintain our licenses. It's been a great forum, always good to brush up on your eye and of course new rules etc...

Our first day was all about dressage taught by Jeannie McDonald, both in the classroom as well as judging in the field. Day two was XC with Tremain Cooper and today was brushing up on SJ. Brian Ross and Cindy DePorter contributed the entire weekend.

As for the week prior. I was able through a USET training grant to take a bunch of lessons with both Bettina Hoy as well as Gunnar Ostergaard. I brought Running Order, Tali and Simon along. All were great, RO is going great. We worked on keeping his neck a bit longer and all of Tue movements more accurate and precise. All of the ingredients are there...I was able to also have my Mom help out last night. She said she'd have given a few of his changes 9's! So we'll see, I'm sure I won't have it for an entire test yet, but give him a little time. Tali and Simon were both great, they are in similar spots. Both just started changes and half passes along with quarter pirouettes...all coming along well...again just need some time. Both Gunnar and Betinna encouraged me to use more opening reins in transitions etc. It always amazes me how much little things can help.

So were returning home today, Aiken that is, Full Gallop on wed for Tali, Simon and Slick as well as a few of Shanons. Then a whole bunch of babies on the weekend at Sporting Days.

Until then stay warm for those up north!


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