Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Update

So dressage was today for Running Order. The day started early, we
were in the lobby at quarter to 7 for a first ride at 7 then back on by
8:30. RO was excellent, and not affected by the atmosphere at all. I
think this was due to last nights familiarization at 6 where he stood
staring at the two jumbo-trons for quite some time. He was very good in
the test. I did make a very stupid error, halting early at the first
halt, but really was very pleased with his test. The score, however, not
so much. My mom and Sandy Phillips both FEI judges were in shock with
how low it was scored. I did have the pleasure of following Michael
Jung, the current world champion, which didn't help the situation. I do
have to keep all of this in perspective, he's only 8 and did his first
one star 18 months ago. We finished the first day of dressage in the
middle of the pack with a 61. Give him a year or two and it'll be a
different story. His progress has been astounding over the past few
years, especially what has been accomplished in the past week. Give him
time...he'll be there!

Tomorrow will be quite relaxing...just taking RO for a walk a time or
two. I'll walk the course again tomorrow for a 4th time. It did look a
bit smaller the 2nd and 3rd times today. It's certainly not going to be
a dressage show...

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  1. Hi there Doug
    Great site enjoying the Boekelo updates.
    Any more pics of you from the jog? Love the stripey tie!
    Good Luck!