Sunday, March 28, 2010

All the horses were good today...all of them jumped around XC clear. We just made it out before the rain began. Results as follows:

· 4th Pine Top HT - BN - Absolute Faith -
· 6th Pine Top HT - N - Heather's Best -
· 8th Pine Top HT - T - All Four One -
· 4th Pine Top HT - T - Farley Davidson -
· 4th Pine Top HT - N - Reginald McDougal -
· 8th Pine Top HT - N - Starship Beckett -

We've got a busy week ahead of us here. 3 of the horses are leaving tomorrow heading back to their respective owners after the winter down here in Aiken. XC schooling also planned for tomorrow for Running Order. We just needed to jump into another water with better results. Gibbes have an island...also a plus! Then tuesday we have a tractor trailer coming for the horses heading back to NJ along with the jumps
and misc equipment. Then the rest of the horses head out to the Fork HT, where we have training sessions until the event begins.

Check back for updates!

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