Saturday, March 7, 2015

USEA Judges Continuing Ed

I couldn't quite take the week completely off from competing, but close to it. We took Rex (Marilyn Payne) and Merlin (Elizabeth Callahan) over to Highfields on Thursday for their first show in the .85 m class. While both green they managed to both finish up with ribbons! 

Photo by Nancy Knight - USEA

I was able to get a bunch of the other horses ridden before heading down to Red Hills for the USEA's continuing education seminar. Thankfully I have Jess, Michelle and the girls to keep things running smoothly at home!

All USEF judges are required to attend seminars like this every 3 years. We were lucky enough to spend all day yesterday with Janet Foy, one of this countries premiere dressage judges. I can't stress enough how helpful these programs are both in recalibrating scoring as well as gaining a more in depth understanding of the biomechanics, training and showing of horses. If you get a chance, even if you have no desire to judge, audit one of the judging programs. I guarantee your horses will be going better and your scores will improve dramatically. 

Tomorrow we spend the first half of the day in the classroom and the second evaluating the cross country courses over at the venue. 


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