Saturday, August 27, 2011

XC day at Richland

Very much like dressage there was a lot to be happy about, but of course some stuff still to improve. Running Order jumped well as usual. We had one run out at the 6th fence a drop and brush to skinny combination. He jumped very well in, and I should have been there to support him more for the skinny. I don't think he saw it until it was too late. Although I hate saying it diminishing what happened today, there is always another day. I will be scrappier next time without a doubt.

The rest of the course was good overall. The first water was a big hanging long, 4 to a corn on a knoll then 4 to an angled brush. I jumped in strong and Running Order responded very well. The same was true with the sunken road and coffin.

I had a lucky moment at the corner table corner combination in the back. Next up was the second water. It was a similar set up to Millbrook. We covered the long 3 without an issue.

Overall today was very good. I'll make the most of the experience and look forward to tomorrow's SJ and the AEC's in a few weeks.

One quick note I wanted to add was in reference to Thursday's dressage report. After reading on EN I realized the post could have been interpreted that I was unhappy with the judging. This couldn't be further from the truth. Our score was not his best and I think the judging was accurate. The parts that made the test great for RO will not be reflected in the score yet. When I can keep him that consistent and add power he'll be unbeatable. That day is coming!

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