Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Things do seem to happen quickly!

Last weekend we had the AEC's where you might know by now that Tali ended up winning the Prelim Horse division of 60+ horses. He finished on an astounding 24 (76% dressage score). I couldn't be happier with him, and also for Larry and Amelia Ross who this spring bought a half share of him. Without their support none of this could have happened...I can't wait to see what the future holds.

I was looking through old video, and was shocked again about how far he's come. I stuck a short video comparison together, contained in it are two clips. The first is of Tali's first show in Feb of 2009 and the second from last weekend's win at the AEC's. Pretty incredible. I can't imagine what another 18 months will bring! Click on the video below for a larger can also be played in HD.

Holland here we come?!?! I was notified by the USET that I was going to receive a grant to compete at the Boekelo CCI*** with Running Order. This is something that you only dream of...but it's coming true. Hopefully, it will be the first of countless trips abroad. All of this is contingent on a good run this coming weekend at the Plantation CIC***.

So Monday rolls around. I pick up a trot...and you guessed it. Running Order isn't feeling right. @#$%!!! Thankfully, long story short he popped an abscess out of his RH. Weird especially being that it's been 3 weeks from his last shoeing. That is horses though! So with less than ideal prep, Plantation here we come!

Tali and Slick are also going...Tali for the CIC* and Slick for his first prelim. Tali has had a busy week, scheduling again not ideal. Ideally he wouldn't be going back to back, but he hasn't run since Millbrook 5 weeks ago and won't again until Morven 3 weeks from now.

Check back for this weekends's going to be interesting...nerve racking...who knows...hopefully we can pull off another win or two!

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