Sunday, April 18, 2010

Final results of FHI CIC** and HT...

The horses were all great today. Running Order and Leroy had show jumping as the final phase of their CIC**. Leroy was first to go entering SJ in 9th place, we had an uncharacteristic rail, but lucky for us rails were not at all uncommon. Running Order was next to go...and as he's a spooky horse I wasn't all that surprised...but I did have a hell of a ride to the first fence. It was a fake wall and he was more than impressed by it...instantly it felt like XC...but on we went to jump a clean round. When it all finished up Leroy had moved up to 6th and Running Order stayed in 3rd. Not a bad result for either horse.

The training horses were next on XC. Both Frolic and Max were quite good, each jumped an uneventful clean round. Frolic won and Max finished up in 4th!

The last ride of the day was Tali. We were back to SJ...Tali jumped the best SJ round he's had to date, jumping clean getting his first prelim win! Very exciting, especially that Larry and Amelia just jumped on board a few weeks ago as joint owners of Tali. Couldn't ask for a better beginning.

I'm headed off to Rolex next weekend. My mother just got the call that she'll be judging due to the volcano limiting flights out of Europe stranding the original judges. The next competition we're headed to is MCTA in 2 weeks.

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