Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fair Hill CIC** and HT

Yesterday was dressage day...the results were quite good although I was disappointed in my riding of the ** horses. I was too conservative...and their scores reflected this. Despite it all Running Order was in 4th and Leroy in 16th. Tali was in the prelim...he was great, there were a few mistakes, but overall it was the most fun I'd had in a dressage test in a while. He finished with a 25 and was winning. I got his test back today, he had 3 9's and a 9 for gaits!! The training horses were good a 30 for Frolic and 31 for Max, 4th and 6th.

XC day today for Prelim and up...the ** guys were great. Both moved up, RO to 3rd and Leroy 9th. When on course they were great, but I nearly got bucked off in warm up with Leroy. He stepped on a stick, must have thought it was a snake. He jumped off all 4's and went off bucking!

SJ for the training horses today also...they both jumped clear. Again I also nearly fell off in warm up...Frolic nearly jumped me out of the tack, and preceded to go off certainly was a bit colder today...didn't quite expect that reaction. He jumped great in the ring though.

Tomorrow SJ for the big boys and XC for the lower level ones.
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