Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Southern Pines, Podcast #13 and more...

Socks aka Rivertown Lad owned by Fred and Wendy Luce on his way to a 4th Place in Prelim
Southern Pines went just about as well as anyone could want. All 5 of our horses finished in the top 6 of their divisions. They are just about fit enough for me to be comfortable running for time on XC so watch out at the Fork in 2 weeks!

The 13th podcast is live with much more detail here:

For those who haven't yet downloaded instacast or other Podcast downloader for their iPhone or Droid it's a must, all of the new episodes will instantly be available on your phone as they become live!

We're heading down to Atlanta tomorrow to brush up on our show jumping. Courage will be joining for the 1.40m welcome and the Grand Prix on Saturday. Check back for photos and a report.


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