Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flora Lea Canceled!!...Pre-Morven Notes...

It just doesn't seem to stop raining...we got another 2" in the past 24 hrs, our rain soaked fields, ring and horses just can't get a break!

We had a brief respite yesterday morning, I took advantage of the opportunity to install our new EquineLite Mats which came last week. I had run into Justin and Will from EquineLite at Rolex this spring, after stepping on them once knew I had to figure out a way to get them in my trailer. Their just about 1.25" thick, very soft and durable. I'm sure the horses are going to arrive in much better condition than they had in the past!

Bacon enjoying the new Equinelite Mats
After finishing up with the mats the daily riding began. I always start off with the big guys first. Both RO and Trevor are walking for an hour in addition to their normal work. So of course, I was rain free when we left the farm, but about 30 min later the rain came down as if I were in the heart of the the amazon rain forest. Running Order of course loves the rain, harkens back to his racing days in Ireland I'd imagine. He is not bothered in the least. I, however, really do enjoy being dry. I rode Trevor next after scrounging through the trailer for a dry shirt. He didn't seem to mind either, after finishing his ride I ran home for a complete change of clothes.

I rode the rest of the horses who were supposed to be competing today (Saturday) at Flora Lea. Until the 1st of the month we're down one person in the barn, so I braided the 3 babies and nearly finished packing when we got word they canceled the event. So frustrating...especially after braiding, no less (not a job I enjoy or do frequently :) )!

On to this morning, Conor and I headed out for our gallop. I wasn't convinced we'd be galloping, I figured it'd be too wet and we'd be trotting on the dirt roads. We headed over to the fields anyway to see how wet they were. I was shocked, it really wasn't that bad.

At this point they're going up the hill 5 times, the 3rd walk down I was serching my iphone as you do when walking and came upon a very cool GPS app. We have always wondered exactly how long the hill is, now we have an answer. 6/10th of a mile. The very cool thing about it was it would overlay your gallop on google earth. It also gave real time info our normal pace up the hill was roughly 17-20 mph or just around prelim speed. The 5th time up the hill is posted here:

So at the moment their doing 3 miles on a good grade.

Of course we didn't actually gallop through the house...but close enough

The nerd in me found this very interesting. Not only on the technical side that I could post this on facebook/twitter instantly, but also that it could overlay the path etc. This in addition to the fact that we could now actually compare gallops across the country to gauge what we're all doing to get horses fit for the fall 3 days. On the walk back I called DOC to find out how long 'the mountain' in the plains is as well as it's change in elevation. Still awaiting word...

Running Order and Trevor on their gallop today...
I'm heading over to my Mom's place tomorrow with RO and Trev for some dressaging...then a little xc schooling Tuesday and on to Morven Thursday. It's going to be an exciting check back in a bit for updates...and stay dry.


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